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An idea was born
Sameer was always a true devotee of Lord Ganesha and from a young age he had an idea that he wanted to bring to Canada.
The idea of giving back to the community and he wanted to achieve this goal, whichever way he could. So the Ganesha Temple idea was born. With research and effort, he was able to get in touch with the Indian artist who made the beautiful Ganesha idols for temples. With extensive negotiations and huge help from Manish Shah and Uday Manek from Bombay, we were able to convince the artist to take on the project of building the Ganesha Idol for the temple in Canada.

Idol artist commissioned
The artists of Kamli Arts based in Bombay were now officially commissioned to create the beautiful bigger-than-life Ganesha Idol which was to be the centerpiece of the Ganesha Temple to be constructed here in the Greater Toronto Area.

Charity registration
The official Ontario Charity registration for the new Ganesha Temple was submitted for approval.

Charity approved
Official approval of Charity Registration for the Ganesha Temple was received with the assistance of Raman Gamber.

Creation of the idol
Clearing of the patent for the Ganesha idol design was being conducted while the idol was being built. Sameer often visited the site of the construction in India to oversee the magical process of it being built. With delicate designs, details, and the size of this magnitude it meant that it was a long road to completion before the idol was ready for delivery.

Ganesha idol completed
Idol was finally completed, ready to be shipped. Transporting an item this large is always challenging, especially when it has fragile parts and needed to be shipped internationally. So the best shipping arrangements were made to ensure secure delivery and transport to Toronto, Canada.

Tying up loose ends
The Ganesha idol arrived safe and sound to Canada, along with the update that the idol patents were cleared.

Location scouting for the Ganesha Temple was also underway with a specific set of requirements and blueprints of our vision.

Meanwhile the Ganesha Temple website at www.ganeshatemple.ca was launched with the help of the Brand Manager, Suvi.

Building the Ganesha Temple
With a few years of scouting and near-misses, the perfect location for the new Ganesha Temple was finally found and acquired. The new home of Ganesha Temple is located at the heart of Caledon by Hwy 9 and Hwy 10. The address is 21062 Hurontario St.

Blueprints and 3D renditions are being worked on while construction of Ganesha Temple commences shortly.

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